Hearing Aide: Palm Suede’s latest single “Fight or Flight” remains relevant amidst global crisis

New York-based electro-pop duo, Palm Suede, is delighted to share their new single ​ Fight or Flight​” that premiered May 15. The song continues the two’s exploration of battling anxiety while dealing with everyday situations

Palm Suede renders the duos new single “Fight or Flight” balanced in vibrational techno-pop frequency lining a rapture of uptempo synth-balladry. The anthem unclenches the tightly knitted anxieties of windswept dispatches to find symphonic solace in the eye of the storm. The duo dares the frame that social distancing entails disconnection. In primal chemistry of intimacy, mindfulness, and allure the cadence breaks from expectation to fight gravity in every breath of Ellen Hodges’ aerial vocal register.

In the trial between two poles stretched across oceans, the sound transcends the current with an international claim. Crossing over Palm Suede splices lyrical expressions from geometric cadence to take flight in the indulgence of the song’s entrancing backbeat. The duo specially produced Fight or Flight to be able to seductively lure escapism in being centered in one’s own energy. 

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