Reggae trio New Kingston will rock2roots at Music Hall of Williamsburg this Halloween

Brooklyn-based family band New Kingston continues to be one of the most prolific and relatable bands in the U.S. reggae community. Their rock2roots showcases the many styles and vibrations New Kingston brings both on the road and in the studio. Their latest single, “Bring Your Rays,” released via Easy Star Records, gives listeners a taste of their trademark sound.

Comprised of a trio of brothers – Tahir Panton (keys/vocals), Courtney Panton Jr. (drums/vocals), and Stephen Suckarie (guitar/vocals) – New Kingston first came together as a band performing for friends and neighbors under the watchful eye of their father (and bassist) Courtney Panton Sr. Dubbing themselves New Kingston to reflect upon both their Jamaican heritage and their home in New York City, the fusion of these two identities, both cultural roots and Brooklyn roots, guides their musical and stylistic direction.


They’ll perform at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday, October 31, after a summer of putting a focus on singles for their rock2roots series. Tahir Panton states, “The rock2roots series will showcase the wide range of our musical styles that we’ve been crafting for over a decade.”

According to the band, “Bring Your Rays” was inspired by humanity’s collective soul, adding, “In this changing world, love is something we need more of. It will solve more than we know. So be the sunlight in the darkness and “bring your rays”!” It’s the perfect follow up to their fiery last single release “Fyah Nuh Hot Like You,” which dropped in March.

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