Beatniks Regenerated with Karen Kramer Documentary ‘Renegade Dreamers’

Acclaimed filmmaker, Karen Kramer, will begin a week long theatrical release of her new feature doccumentary, Renegade Dreamers, at Greenwich Village’s own Cinema Village starting Friday, May 31. The film is a look into beat poets and folk singers of today, who use free speech and song to spread words of action and change throughout our society. Renegade Dreamers also shows the history of this same rebellion that took place in New York City in the 60’s.

Beat writers, poets and folk singers inspired a social movement in Greenwich Village in the 60’s, showing the public power of the first amendment, and how powerful spoken word can be. The movement brought light to a change that was happening in our country and introduced us to some of the most important artists and wordsmiths of an evolving generation. Renegade Dreamers profiles the artists and activist pursuing this same mission in the world we live in today.

The Film sheds light on numerous subjects all using some form of spoken word art to express a sense of rebellion and concern for the road our society is going down. Weather it’s Matt and Tiffani using folk music and an acoustic guitar, or Roya and Jeremy using poetry and public speaking, each subject featured in the film wants to inform audiences of the power in the first amendment; just like in the past, with innovators such as Kerouac, Ginsberg, Dylan, and more. Using your voice can make all the difference.

Over all this film is about looking into our past and learning from these people who decided the path they were on was not for them. It’s about how history often repeats its self and how we should take lessons from the past. It’s a film that makes you realize in light of what is going on in our world today It’s more important than ever to question authority.

Renegade Dreamers • Fri., May 31 – Thurs., June 6 • Cinema Village, NYC

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