Celebrate National Gumbo Day with Baked Shrimp at Parish Public House

Long Island’s Baked Shrimp will be in Albany on Friday, October 12 to celebrate National Gumbo Day at the Parish Public House. Joining them are local Albany bands Hasty Page and Hilltop.

Baked Shrimp has been tearing up Long Island and NYC spots on their Summer Tour and embark on a Fall Tour with their first ever show in Albany. Check out our review of their album Feast of Delight. Tickets are $10 and more info can be found here.

Pete Mason: Fans in Upstate are getting their first taste of Baked Shrimp – what can they expect to get down to?

Baked Shrimp: We’re so excited to finally make it to Albany! The band has played in Upstate before, multiple times in New Paltz, and now we’re heading back to Oneonta, but getting to play New York’s capital will be a real treat. Expect the unexpected! We’re going into Fall with over 40 songs that can come out at anytime, and with Albany being the first show of the tour everything is on the table. Over the Summer, on top of teaching Jager all of the already written Baked Shrimp songs, we were also all learning together new originals, Beatles tunes, meme songs, and other cool covers for our Five Night Special that took place in Woodmere. Check out the recap from that and the rest of the Summer to see what’s on the table!

PM: Was playing on National Gumbo Day at a New Orleans themed venue/restaurant planned or just a delicious coincidence?

BS: Both! We knew Albany was planned for mid-October, and Dan from Parish Public House mentioned that it would be National Gumbo Day on the 12th. So we had to do it!

PM: What’s the best part of the Long Island scene?

BS: The best part is how close the folks in the jam/funk scene community on Long Island are to one another. Everyone knows each other, and the shows become a big gathering for everyone to meet in one spot to support the bands and the scene around them. It’s a goal of ours in the next couple of summers to do an outdoor camping festival on the island that we would host. It’s still a ways away since we’re still trying to find a proper location where we can do such an event, especially on Long Island, but we’ll make it happen! 2020!

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