Hearing Aide: Diluted ‘Legitimate Bastard’

Rochester natives Diluted are set to release their latest EP, Legitimate Bastard, on August 18. Pat Mulligan, Zach Coffey, Matt Helmer, Tyler Creller, and Mike Kimack came together in 2014 and have created a fan base with their unique sound and killer instincts. The band’s previous album Never Fit In was nominated for Rochester’s city newspaper’s Best Local Album of 2017. I was excited to see if Legitimate Bastard would be a worthy follow up.

My favorite track on this EP is the final song “Bothered.” Matt Helmer and Zach Coffey really shine in this song on the guitar. Their guitar solo, about 2 minutes and 40 seconds in, is joined by Tyler Creller on the drums. However, Creller is only playing the cymbals which adds to the cathartic feel of this song. The band did an amazing job using all the tools at their disposal to portray the emotion of the song.  They are not afraid to think outside the box.

I also enjoyed the third track, “Spintech.” The band made some very interesting choices instrumentally that make this song catch your ear as soon as it begins. Ten seconds in, I almost felt as though I was entering the twilight zone. It is almost creepy, in a good way, after listening to two very heavy songs. When I first listened to this album, I thought this song would have worked better as the first track, given its interesting instrumentals, as if you were entering the twilight zone. However, after my second listen, I appreciate the placement of this song as it is leading the listener into yet another dimension of Diluted’s talent.

I was not a fan of the first two tracks on this album. “Lose My Number” is a very heavy metal song, and while I can appreciate the style of music, the vocals seemed messy even for this genre. The second track “An Innocent Onlooker” is also a heavy metal track but the vocals are cleaner and more precise. My only complaint about this song is it begins with one vocalist screaming and another singing. I found it distracting to be listening to both styles at the same time.

The range of talent showcased on this EP is impressive. From screaming heavy metal, to a beautiful ballad, there is something for everyone on this EP. However, while that would work on a full album, I am not sure it is a smart choice on an album with only four songs. As a first-time listener to Diluted, Legitimate Bastard sounds like a mix tape rather than an album by one artist. Diluted made some great choices in the making of this album but with only four songs there is no chance to reiterate their different talents. I finish this album a fan of Diluted, and I would love to see them live, but I am not sure this is an album I would buy for myself.

Diluted will be performing an EP release show on Saturday August 18 at the Bug Jar in Rochester.

Key Tracks: Spintech, Bothered.

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