The Bowling Alley Sound release new single “The Highway State”

Post-rock band The Bowling Alley Sound have released “The Highway State,” their latest single off their label 46 West. The nine and a half minute track draws inspiration from the suburban New Jersey roots of the band and the sometimes overwhelming experience of driving on the highway in New Jersey.

On the growing highways of the Garden State, The band says “The cars are going fast, the lanes are tight, and many highways cross over each other. There is grit, and when you exit into a suburban town there is more space, verdant greenery, and places to reflect. That’s what life can be like in America: craziness and hustling around on a chaotic highway, then reflecting and relaxing after exiting that highway. This is what the band wanted to convey with this song, structurally and emotionally.”

The Bowling Alley Sound is a five piece instrumental band consisting of guitar (Mike Basil), drums (Nick Looney), bass (Andrew Capuano), violin (Isaac Rubins), and trumpet (Danny Molloy). The band was originally formed in order to bring Mike Basil’s songwriting to life in their debut record and has since been active in the northern New Jersey music scene. The Bowling Alley Sound was named a “Fresh Find” by Spotify for 2017.

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