Space Junk Gifts Digital Download of ‘Ascension’ to Fans

Buffalo based electronic rock four piece Space Junk celebrated 4/20 with the release of Ascension, a six song studio glimpse into the band’s live show. Known for their non-stop continuous live dance, the EP showcases several Space Junk fan favorites including “Gas Pump” as well as the “Das Bootie” and title track “Ascension.”

Space Junk guitarist and vocalist Matt Fantini told NYS Music that they decided to release the album as a free digital download as way of saying thank you to their supporters.  “We’re excited to give back to our fans,” he said. “Ascension is a culmination of the electronic journey we call Space Junk.”

Fantini told NYS Music that the band also hopes that the free download will attract some new fans. “There are so many ways that music fans consume music these days, so we hope that the free download will entice them to take a listen. And while Fantini believes that the studio album is a great representation of the band’s genre bending sound, “the ultimate Space Junk experience happens during our live show.”

Since officially forming in 2011, the band has gained notoriety in the Central and Western NY regions for melting the fabric of space-time through live Electronic Dance Music. Space Junk defiantly blends genres including funk, jazz, bluegrass, progressive house and drum & bass. Widely recognized for their unique ability to seamlessly segue from typical jam-rock to electro DJ style fusion, Space Junk has built a reputation in Buffalo for creating.

As a gift to their support fan base, the band released Ascension as a free digital download on Bandcamp. The album is also available for streaming on Spotify.

Space Junk returns to Buffalo with special guests still to be announced with their first headlining performance at Buffalo Iron Works Thursday, May 31

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