Hearing Aide: Townhouse Warrior ‘Words, Unsaid,’

Reigning from Upstate New York, the group Townhouse Warrior are set to release their third full-length album on March 20. This four-man punk rock band released their debut album just three years back and followed it up with their sophomore album in 2016. The group is back with their newest project and is ready to share it with the world. The latest addition to their group is guitarist Tim Hall who joins original members Zack Fitzgerald on lead vocals/guitar, Kyle Malfa on drums and Joshua Rivet on bass to take their high-energy sound even further.

Words, Unsaid, features twelve songs; each one is a powerhouse track in its own right. Every song brings a level of upbeat intensity starting with track one, “Echoes.” The opening to track three, “So Left, It’s Right,” slightly differs from the others as the guitar and drums are panned left and right respectively. This adds more layers to the song and encourages a head-bobbing reaction to its rhythm right off the bat.

I am personally a big fan of the album title namedrop in the song “Fake Confrontations.” The lyrics tell the story behind the title Words, Unsaid, giving this title a deeper meaning. Other noteworthy tracks on this album include “Toll Taker,” as it begins with an almost soothing electric guitar solo before introducing the sound from rest of the band. Likewise, “Daydreaming” is an inherently dynamic song as takes its listeners on a journey through soft and high-energy segments.

In my opinion, Townhouse Warrior is the perfect fit for the DIY music scene. Their fast-paced musical style has the power to electrify an audience and I would personally love to catch them performing in a basement venue.

Key Tracks: Echoes, Far Away, Daydreaming

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