Fresh Off Fall Tour, Formula 5 Will Host 6th Annual Black Friday Gig at The Hollow

Ready to get down with a welcoming hometown crowd, Formula 5 will have parked the touring bus back in familiar territories just in time to take on their 6th annual Black Friday gig at the Hollow, this time with support by The Jauntee.  After another run around in Colorado with Cycles and a first-timer playing in Chicago, the quartet will pass up the opportunity of late night, hectic consumerism for a night of local jams in the Capital Region among friends and family.

What marks the end of Fall tour for Joe Davis, Matt Richards, James Woods and Greg Marek, only places the Jauntee smack dab in the middle of their current fall tour. The extensive string of dates brings the Boston-bred musicians across the country and a multitude of venues in a span of five to six weeks. With plans to tour again in 2018, Caton Sollenberger, Tyler Adams, John Loland and Scott Ferber have every intention of keeping their musical jaunts rolling.

“A lot of my favorite venues to play are rooms that are appropriately sized for us. I love when you can get a relatively small crowd into a room and it still feels like rockin’ show with high energy. Some spots like that would be The Camel in Richmond, The Sinclair in Boston or Aisle 5 in Atlanta.” said Scott Ferber, drummer for The Jauntee. You won’t want to miss their next NYS gig at Garcia’s at Portchester’s Capitol Theatre on Nov. 26.

With Fall tour soon in the rear view mirror, ideas of an impending Winter Tour opens its chilly arms to the All Points North artists. We caught up with guitarist Joe Davis from Formula 5 for a Q&A to talk Black Friday, what’s to come this winter and favorite Thanksgiving day dishes.

Alyssa Ladzinski: Formula 5 is almost of the end of fall tour, a first stop in Chicago and another run in CO, can you tell us a little bit about that? Any highlights of the fall tour/life on the road?

Joe Davis: The run out west has been a blast and we’ve definitely made some new strides in our jamming. I think some highlights were the shows in Buena Vista and Montrose, two beautiful places, new beautiful venues and we played really well.

AL: This is your 6th annual Black Friday show. Why would you consider this to be “quite possibly one of your favorite show of the year?”

JD: The Black Friday gig in particular is always a friendsgiving reunion in Albany, especially for Matt and I. We love our hometown shows though in general because were comfortable and can get loose in the set and spread our wings.

AL: Which one of the past Black Friday performances stands out most to you?

JD: I’d say last years black Friday was one of my favorites. Bar was packed and it was Matt’s first Black Friday show with us. Great set as well.

AL: What are you most thankful for this year?

JD: I’m most thankful for all the great friends I’ve made in the past year playing music all over the country. Especially our new homies in Cycles.

AL: What’s your favorite thanksgiving dish?

JD:  I’m a big fan of potatoes and gravy but to get more specific my mom makes this cheesy onion casserole type thing that she bakes in the oven. That’s the jam. I could eat pounds of that.

AL: Most ridiculous Black Friday purchase?

JD:  I’ve literally never been a Black Friday shopper, I’m a last minute December 18-23 type shopper.

AL: If you could choose a musician dead or alive to have Thanksgiving dinner with, who would it be and what meal would you make them?

JD: Tough question, hard to choose between: Trey, Jerry, Levon Helm, prolly Levon, Levon sounds like a blast. We’d drink whisky and I’d cook him some of my delicious dry rub BBQ chicken.

AL: We’ve heard you guys are playing a Phish after party on Dec. 30 for their NYE run, what can we expect to see follow in 2018? Can we look forward to a winter tour coming?

JD: Winter Is Coming. We’ll be doing a good amount of touring again in 2018 and hope to keep building on this momentum.

Be sure to head to the Hollow on November 24 with doors at 8 and a jam-packed show at 9. Dance off those delicious drinks and tasty Thanksgiving treats while giving thanks to the one thing that powerfully unites us all: music!