Hearing Aide: The Damn Truth ‘Devilish Folk’

Someone really pulled my leg to check out this band known as The Damn Truth.  Based out of Montreal, this bluesy hard rock outfit’s sophomore effort Devilish Folk, from Fineline Records, is catchy as hell.  Now the most mind baffling thing is, when you listen, you would think this band came from the South or something.   The production isn’t the greatest, but how this album makes up for it is the high octane energy and catchy hooks.  Metal heads, hard rockers, hipsters, indie and blues fans can definitely get behind an album like this.  Whether you need an escape, or are just trying to get through the day, check this album out.

the damn truthVocalist/guitarist Lee-La Baum has a rockin’ voice on top of the bluesy guitar work from Tom Shemer, and the heavy bass lines from PY Letellier mixed with the heavy backbone beats of Dave Traina make this a band to look out for in the future.  Hopefully, this band can book some shows in New York State soon.   Some of the tunes I enjoyed on this record are the opening track “White Lies” and “Broken Blues.”  But, overall, the album is consistent and fun.  Keep your eyes open for The Damn Truth.

Key Tracks: White Lies, Pirates And Politicians, Broke Blues

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