Joshua Radin Romances the Plaza in NYC

Saturday November 5, Irving Plaza, New York City; the air was still and the room was quiet, the only exception was the sweet, soulful sounds and warm, fuzzy lyrics of Joshua Radin.cie-martin2016-4

Radin is currently on tour supporting his new album, “The Fall”. Radin says, “The Fall” is my seventh studio album, but it’s the first album I’ve produced myself, so this feels like the most honest work I’ve released in my twelve-year career.”

In the vein of storytellers, Radin enchanted us with tales of love lost and proclaimed his “songs are as quiet as you can possibly get,” which is the best thing about listening to Radin. His songs have the ability to quiet our souls while simultaneously waking up a part of ourselves that we may have lost.

Songs that stood out; the inspirational “Brand New Day,” Radin shared it was written after the demise of a 6 year relationship. “Paperweight” from a movie called Dear John is a wonderful song full of sweet and innocent love. “My My Love” a song about finally finding the one that makes your heart flutter. It’s all love, love love for Mr. Radin.

The last time Radin was at Irving Plaza was about a year and half ago—he recalled a moment in the audience when a young man proposed to his girlfriend after his Yaz remake of “Only You”. Not only was that woman there on Saturday night, but confessed to them breaking up, Radin jokingly a la “Sleepless in Seattle” said he’d meet her at the top of the Empire State Building after the show.

Radin deserves to have a song featured in every rom-com movie until the end of time, his heart opening music sets the stage for uninhibited love, vulnerability and deep connection on otherworldly levels.

Radin is continuing his tour to the West coast and then to Europe.

Setlist: No Envy, Beautiful Day, You Got Growin’ Up to Do, Brand New Day, Closer, I’d Rather Be With You, Only You, My My Love, Belong, High and Low, Underwater, Today, Winter, Enough For You, Don’t Think Twice




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