The Machine Brings Pink Floyd to the State Theater of Ithaca

On Friday Nov. 11, America’s premier Pink Floyd show, The Machine, will be performing at the State Theater of Ithaca.

The New York based quartet has a 28-year bill of extending the Pink Floyd Legacy, performing a diverse mix of songs from Pink Floyd’s extensive 15-album repertoire, comprised of both popular classics and unheard, ‘obscure gems.’

The Machine is Joe Pascarell (lead guitar & vocals), Tahrah Cohen (drums), Ryan Ball (bass guitar & vocals) and Scott Chasolen (keyboards and vocals).

Joe Pascarell, one of the founding members of The Machine, has just returned to the band in September of 2015, after an almost three-year absence. Pascarell has been a chief agent in the band’s success not only due to his passion performing with the group in the span of 23 years, but also due to his unparalleled knowledge of the Pink Floyd catalog.

This group’s musical capacity, passion and performance is a true breath of new life into the already gratifying and unforgettable rock legacy that Pink Floyd has left behind to span across the ages.

For more information and tickets, visit the band’s website.

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