Steel Panther Brings Hair Metal To The Sherman Theater

On Saturday, July 30, the greatest 80s hair-metal band to not come out of the 80s took over the Sherman Theater. Steel Panther, the comedic hair-metal/glam-metal band came to Stroudsburg, PA to give fans a taste of what they can’t get anymore, unless they’re listening to classic-rock radio stations that have been playing the same songs for 30 years.

Unlike bands like Motley Crue, Van Halen, Skid Row, etc. Steel Panther can give fans a live performance that’s absolutely spot on. Perhaps it’s because the band only got its start in the early 2000s or maybe they have some special potion that keeps their musical talents from slipping away.

Steel Panther - Photo: Mark McGauley

After releasing a live acoustic album called Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage Steel Panther has been playing gigs in select cities. Between gigs the band has also been working on its official follow-up album to 2014’s All You Can Eat. While fans are anxiously waiting for new material, they get to watch Steel Panther do what they do best out on the road.

Saturday’s set started off with “Eyes of a Panther,” which is off Steel Panther’s official debut album Feel the Steel. The debut album seemed to be focused on the most throughout the night. Over half the setlist came from that first album, but the crowd didn’t seem to care.

Steel Panther - Photo: Mark McGauley

As always, Steel Panther’s show wasn’t without the jokes, banter, and crowd interaction with the ladies. Even though some of the act may be repetitive for some fans, that didn’t stop them from laughing hysterically. For fans who aren’t familiar with Steel Panther, mix together a glam-metal band with Dr. Dirty and that’s what is created.

Lead singer Michael Starr, at the age of 51, continues to exceed expectations for live performances. At his age, Starr continues to blow away fellow vocalists in his age group. Singers from other 80s bands should be getting on top of their game before Starr takes their job. Starr and fellow guitarist both played in the Van Halen cover band called The Atomic Punks, so if Van Halen ever needs a new singer, Starr should be getting a phone call.

Steel Panther - Photo: Mark McGauley

During Satchel’s guitar solo, he made his way up to the drum kit. From the kit, Satchel played some famous guitar riffs while also playing the bass drum. Watching Satchel play is just mesmerizing. The guy comes up with some bitchin’ riffs and can shred up and down the neck of the guitar with ease. Michael Starr and guitar master Satchel shouldn’t be getting all the credit though. Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadinia do a kick-ass job on the bass and drum-kit.

The only downfall of the night was that it seemed to end too fast. Only playing 15 songs including a guitar solo just doesn’t seem to feed the Steel Panther hunger. With more songs though, the band would probably have to cut out the comedic segments between songs and that’s a part of the experience.

Setlist: Eyes of a Panther, Tomorrow Night, Fat Girl, Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World, Let Me Cum In, Asian Hooker, Turn Out the Lights, Guitar Solo, Ten Strikes You’re Out, Girl From Oklahoma, 17 Girls in a Row, Gloryhole, Community Property, Party All Day, Death to All but Metal

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