Fuck the Facts Adds Buffalo Date to Tour

Legendary Canadian grindcore rockers Fuck the Facts will take over Sugar City in Buffalo on Nov. 19 as part of their “Desire Will Rot” tour supporting their new album Desire Will Rot. Tickets will cost $8.

Fuck The Facts 2015

Released under indie label Noise Salvation, Desire Will Rot will feature 11 aggressive metal tracks that were recorded and mixed by Fuck the Facts guitarist Topon Das at his personal Apartment 2 studio.

Topon Das commented on the new album:

The new FTF album is officially released. Its been a hell of a ride full of ‘ups and downs’ while we’ve been working towards this, but in the end I’m just really stoked that we managed to pull it off… and independently to boot! A band with an unacceptable name, playing unacceptable music; I probably shouldn’t still be doing this 15 years later, but the support we’ve gotten while building up to this release has been so awesome that I can’t imagine why I would stop. Thanks to all of you that have already ordered a copy of the record and supported us on this bastardized musical journey. I can’t wait to hit the road and see many of you in person!”

Fuck the Facts originally started out as a recording project in the late ’90s. In 2001, the band’s work ethic pulled them into full band status and produced many underground releases that drove the band right to the live arena.

Over the years, Fuck the Facts has been associated with some of the biggest labels in the underground extreme music scene to go along with their own DIY releases. From 2006-2011, the band released three albums through powerhouse underground label, Relapse Records.

Desire Will Rot Track List:

Fuck The Facts 2015 Album

01. Everywhere Yet Nowhere (2:58)

02. Shadows Collide (2:49)

03. The Path of Most Resistance (1:34)

04. La Mort I (1:36)

05. La Mort II (1:34)

06. Prey (2:22)

07. Storm of Silence (2:38)

08. Solitude (3:11)

09. False Hope (5:46)

10. Circle (7:54)

11. Nothing Changes (6:20)

“Solitude” Music Video



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