Chris Brown Sells Out Darien Lake

Chris Brown, one of Hip Hops biggest entertainers, took over Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, August 19. The venue was sold out and Brown was given the pop star treatment. Chris Brown is full of charisma and knows how to use it to get the ladies googly eyed and screaming. He brought a lengthy set of rappers with him this time around.DSC_6100

Migos hit the stage first and sounded like a bunch of guys grunting. I couldn’t make out much of what they were trying to say. Fetty Wap known to his family as Willie Maxwell soon followed and the crowd went wild. Famous for only having one eye, having lost it as a child when he contracted congenital glaucoma. Fetty sang his hits such as “Trapt Queen” and “My Way.”

Omarion took the stage at 8pm and brought the girls to their feet to dance. He sang hits such as “Post to Be” and “Boss.” Kid Ink was introduced on the stage by his cronies who stepped out before him to sing a couple of riffs to get the crowd looking but he didn’t get as big of a reaction as the other rappers yet he was highly entertaining on stage and seemed to get the crowds attention by the end of the set.

Set changes only took five minutes and everything was running like clockwork. As the lights dimmed the crowd screamed as they knew exactly what was coming. The curtains opened with a whipping thrust, fireworks went off and spectacular hip hop dancers appeared. Brown is an entertainer. The sold out shows completely indulged in his fine-tuned, beautifully presented – massive video screens, beautiful lights, and tight choreography.

Brown really can sing, when he decided to do so. Every single note that came through a microphone during his set – and every single opening act’s set, too – was bathed in auto-tune, to the point of distraction.“I know y’all have real jobs, 9-to-5 and all, and these tickets ain’t cheap, so I want you to know I appreciate you! I’m gonna make sure you all get your money’s worth,”

Did we? A slew of opening acts bordering on tolerable and only occasionally landing on the right side of that border – well, then, yeah, we got our money’s worth.

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