Film Review: Birdman

Birdman-PosterEvery now and then a movie comes along and really makes you think, re-evaluate everything you just saw and has you telling all your friends, family, and co workers about. Not only does Alejandro González Iñárritu’s directorial of Birdman achieves that, you will be in awe on how well this movie was shot. Such a technical achievement, not since the movie The Wrestler I have seen a movie use camera work so brilliantly. What makes Birdman so fascinating is the entire movie feels like it’s one long continuous shot. The use of digital effects and clutch editing makes this movie such a ground breaking achievement, no wonder the movie was just nominated for seven Golden Globes.

But not only was this movie shot well, this was by far the best performance from Michael Keaton. Keaton was always a terrific actor, whether he is the iconic Batman or the bizarre Beetlejuice. Keaton again proves he’s a broad and ambitious actor that is not afraid to take risks. He plays the role of a washed up actor named Riggan Thomson, who once played an iconic superhero during his prime is trying to throw his own Broadway play while dealing with his personal problems, his ego, his past, his troubled family and the drama caused from the cast that is around him. Keaton steals the show as far as acting is concerned, but Zach Galifianakis, who plays Jake, his best friend and assistant, also puts on a great performance. I never thought I’d see Galifianakis play a serious well and play it so well. Also we are graced by another stellar performance from Ed Norton who plays a fellow actor named Mike, who is causing the most rift during the set of the Broadway play. Emma Stone plays Sam, Riggan’s daughter also does a powerful performance as well.

The movie really does a great job explaining the impact that superhero movies have done to the world of acting and on society. Also the movie does have some comedic moments and gives the audience an ugly taste behind the world of celebrities.

This movie is playing select theaters and really hasn’t been box office smash since it was released relatively quietly, but invest into this film and you will be talking about it, debating it and theorizing it as well.

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