Hearing Aide: Ariel Pink’s, “pom pom”

ariel pink

After his controversial interview with The Guardian, ageist views of Madonna, and constant struggle with fitting into the indie rock music sphere, Ariel Pink sets out to release all his grudges on his new album, pom pom.

In this new 17 track album, Pink encourages us to “keep your eyes on the dream, in the theater of endless reform” and as always, “don’t forget to show your stripes.”

Pink has surely not had any difficulty showing his stripes, after being signed to Paw Tracks as a solo artist early in his career. After releasing several successful self-made recordings, he was then signed to 4AD with his experimental backing group, known as “Haunted Graffiti.”

Going back to his solo roots in pom pom, Pink expands the boundaries of experimental indie by influencing 80’s pop, prog rock, and a bit of glam rock, which I could see in a sequel of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For those who enjoy standard meters and catchy choruses, songs like “White Freckles” and “One Summer Night” have been taking music blogging sites by storm, and for a good reason. As an 80’s buff myself, tracks like “Lipstick,” “Four Shadows” and “Picture Me Gone” provide the perfect soundtrack to pop into your cassette player.

For less conventional individuals, songs like “Dinosaur Carebears,” “Black Ballerina” and “Plastic Raincoats in the Pig Parade” have a very odd sound to match their song title names. With the additions of sound effects and constant key and meter changes, these songs are certainly like candy for the musical ear.

While Pink doesn’t perform live as often, he will make one stop in NYC on February 25th at Terminal 5 before undergoing a European tour. Until then, make sure you follow his Facebook and Twitter, and check out the video for his top track from the album, entitled Put Your Number In My Phone.

Key Tracks: Put Your Number In My Phone, Picture Me Gone, Black Ballerina

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