Deltron 3030’s Futuristic Spacecraft Touches Down in Buffalo Next Week

10358755_686212514747445_8156211774306475651_n“It’s the year 3030, and here at the Corporate Institutional Bank of Time we find ourselves reflecting, finding out that, in fact, we came back. We were always coming back…”

These are the lyrics to “State of the Nation”, the first track off of Deltron 3030‘s self-titled debut album which was released back in May 2000. Nobody knew it back then, but the rapping Nostradamus was making the first prediction of his off-the-grid career through these words. It took fourteen years, but his second album, Event 2, was finally released this past year in September. We should’ve trusted his prediction and known he was coming back. The fourteen year gap didn’t help Deltron 3030’s popularity, but for those who are in the know, Deltron is one of the most interesting rappers out there. In today’s watered-down rap offering, Deltron is a throwback to a time when groups had to have chops to even be noticed. Deltron 3030 is composed of rapper Del the Funky Homosapien, Kid Koala, and producer Dan “The Automator” and the group brings a futuristic and, almost, avant-garde approach to the table. The first album was a concept album about the world in the year 3030, rife with vivid imagery and interesting ideas like “upgrading your grey matter”.

Fast-forward to the new album, which takes place in 3040, and Del is back, announcing such with a second track titled “The Return”. And while a fourteen-year span would normally see various lineup and sound changes to a band, Deltron 3030 returns with the same members and only a slight progression in sound, which is a compliment, not a knock. Everything that made Deltron 3030 interesting, mysterious, and transcending is in place and has only been upgraded since the original release. Who knows? Maybe Del never upgraded past the dial-up modem and it just took that long to upload his latest. Regardless of the reason, Deltron not only has a new album, but he’s touring and coming to Buffalo next week. On Thursday, July 10, Deltron 3030 will be bringing his futuristic spacecraft to The Waiting Room. Since the rapper takes a music industry lightyear to release another album, it’s highly recommended to catch him live while he’s here on this planet. You can grab your tickets here and plan for a peak into the next millennia as Del will surely take everyone on a trip through the wormhole.

If Buffalo is too far of a trip, fear not, as Deltron 3030 is also making appearances at The Westcott Theater in Syracuse on July 13 and in Brooklyn with a full orchestra on July 19.

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