Cali Law Dawg Drops Festival Knowledge

Within hours a music festival can turn a small campground into a small village surpassing the population totals of many neighboring town per Cali Law Dawg

For example, the Catskills Chill Music Festival, which boasts a modest capacity of 5,000 people each year, dwarfs the number of residents in the village of Millerton in Dutchess County, which has a population of 938.

Those who go to festivals understand the dynamics that separate these shows from one-night concerts. Virtual neighborhoods are established. Unique social mores are recognized and followed. And, though money still rules the land, a trade and barter system is more commonplace.

The Festival Lawyer, as he is known on Twitter, is a contributing writer on Showbams and regularly dispenses legal advise for festival goers.  Wednesday, he released such advise as music lovers start to gear up for the summer season.

“@festivallawyer [is] a really great guy and resource,” said Editor-in-Chief Pete Mason. On the latest information shared by the music councilor, Mason said, ” It revolves around safety at festivals, knowing what you took, being smart about who you take things from at festivals. I know that doesn’t sound ‘newsworthy’ but for festival goers, it very much is. This dude is smart.”

The advise shared may be of particular interest for those who care to indulge in activities that, if caught and reported in a newspaper, would require us to add “allegedly” in front of the act.  With that said, we at don’t condone or recommend such activities.

But, a little knowledge is always good to have.


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