Jesus Christ! and the Hallucinogenic All Stars Bless Putnam Den

Some of the biggest problems in modern music today include the needless repetition of every theme. Unfortunately, most people have “seen it all before,” and local music is especially notorious for this. For example, go to a metal show, and you’ll probably see the guitarist put his or her foot on the monitor. It’s old and tired.

On the other hand, there are certain acts that try their own thing. Imagine that you’re a member of Jesus Christ! and the Hallucinogenic All Stars. You’ve smoked so much weed that you can’t see straight and you’ve drunk so much you can’t stand. But more importantly, your musical ideas are quite different than others and you’re unafraid to showcase them.


Although the part about being ‘too high’ is an exaggeration, Jesus Christ! is very clearly unconcerned with what pop music is, how much money they’ll make, or whether they’ll have a career in music. They’re on stage for the fans and for their enjoyment of music.


If you love the sounds of Clutch and Mastodon, you’ll probably also like Jesus Christ! They’re technically a three piece band, featuring guitar played by Jon Imbo, bass and vocals from Dustin Alexander, and drums from Ross Kelch, but this is where things get tricky. Anyone who goes to a show will notice a bearded man on the left side. His name is Jacob Pederson. He stands behind a partition, so he looks like he is probably a keyboard player, or a DJ, but his job is not one that you typically see on stage. He is literally a bartender, and the new people in the crowd had no idea how to react when he stepped away from the partition to hand the drummer, Ross, a mixed drink. He shakes, stirs, and produces right on the spot.

This is just an example of Jesus Christ!’s non-conformities. Other than this, their bartender works on the light show and handles roadie and driving duties for the band, and by the power of his drink making would be arrested if they even attempted driving. The man acts as a hype man, and is not afraid of the possibility of anyone questioning why a non – musician would be on stage.

But Jesus Christ! and the Hallucinogenic All Stars aren’t all about getting high. There is a lot more to their show than might be apparent. For instance, their sound, although similar to other bands, has its own groovy nuances. You’ll recognize Clutch and Mastodon, as well as Kyuss, in the mix, but their use of tasteful harmonies and rough vocals sung into one of those old time radio microphones have an awe-inducing effect.

The band played some of their usuals at their March 19th Putnam Den show like “the Mountain,” and “Shipwrecked,” and covered a song as well, but besides the headlining Mobile Deathcamp, the band was a highlight of the night and did not disappoint. Their sound was a lot different from Dark Matter and Satan Place, who also played the same show. Their presence in the studio easily carries over to a live setting, where the band gets heavy enough to yell, casual enough to sway, and doesn’t mind jamming a bit.

Anyone who comes to their shows in the future can expect one thing: the ability to relax after a long week at work, have a drink, and sway to the music. You don’t have to be high to have a good time, but you do have to believe in miracles, because in a musical sense, that’s exactly what Jesus Christ! will give you.

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