Photo Gallery: 3 Doors Down Unplugged at Turning Stone’s Event Center

After nearly 20 years of being plugged in, Mississippi rockers 3 Doors Down decided to go unplugged and get back in touch with their roots.  Setting up the stage similar to a basement and going nearly acoustic, 3 Doors Down has taken their stripped down version on the road delighting fans across the country.  Their stop in Verona, New York at Turning Stone Casino was no exception.  A packed house of over 1000 fans came out to see the band perform their hits and a couple of very well received covers.  The boys from Mississippi got their country on when they played Garth Brook’s classic, “The Dance”.  However, this metal head appreciated their take on Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” during the encore.

In light of the original bassist’s recent legal issues, the band parted ways earlier this week with Todd Harrell. Rest assured, young Justin Biltonen can hold his own.  His acoustic bass sounded good and the young women in the audience seemed to take a liking to the newest member of 3DD.

Setlist: Father’s Son, Let Me Be Myself, Be Like That, Landing in London. The Dance, When You’re Young, Let Me Go, Pages. Away From the Sun, It’s Not My Time. Duck and Run, Loser, Kryptonite

Encore: Nothing Else Matters, Here Without You, When I’m Gone

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