Avett Brothers Energized Fans at CMAC on July 26th

The Avett Brothers brought their unique punk-rock, rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll style of bluegrassy music to CMAC on July 26th – to a crowd that was pumped to experience the energy that this band brings to the stage, each and every time, increasing their antics to new levels without pause or hesitation.


Opening with “Live and Die” – the bar was set high for the night, the crowd roared and cheered to this upbeat song about finding love to make it through a conflict. Seeing this band live is an interaction between artist and fans using the universal language of music, portraying emotions we can all relate to in one way or another, and this is why their fans adore them so.


This is not a band that stands in one spot jamming out on their guitar; no no, The Avetts live and breathe the music they create, they leap around the stage with their instruments without missing a note, they jump on top of the piano and speakers, with the enthusiasm of a child; it is nothing short of a spiritual experience to see this band live.


During a high energy “Kick Drum Heart” Seth leaped into the crowd and body surfed deep into the crowd. Fans went wild with excitement at the opportunity to be a part of Seth’s well-known rock-star behavior. Singalongs with the entire crowd on nearly every song fueled this fire as well. There was no time to sit down! Hell, there wasn’t even a setbreak. The band played their heats out and the crowd ate it up like musical dessert.


Bringing the show full circle from hard-hitting ballads to down right drinking songs – the night ended with this gal’s all time favorite, “I And Love And You” the outpouring of emotion seen on Scott’s face was epic. With one finger pointed straight into the air the crowd and band together belted out: “Three words that became hard to say, I and love and you”. One couldn’t have asked for a more intense show if they dreamt it. The Avett Brothers came to rage! – game, set, match.


The Avett Brothers July 26, 2013 CMAC in Canandaguia

Set 1: Live and Die, Got To Sleep, The Fall, Slight Figure, 74, At The Beach, Head Full Of Doubts, Melody Anne, Winter In My Heart, Just A Closer, No Place To Fall, Paranoia, Kick Drum, Geraldine, Feb 7, Laundry Room, Old ??, Gimme a Kiss, Indolence, Life.

Encore: Fireball Mail, Blue Ridge, Girl From Chile, ILY