Nintendocore: Nerds On The Rise

I’m going to get my hands wet in the review pool to give a plug to a relatively unknown style of music called Nintendocore. What is Nintendocore you ask? It’s like electronic style music that uses 8-bit sound like you would find in a Nintendo game. Some artists add their own spin on it for flavor, while others prefer to keep it original, creating a division within the genre. One of the things that drew me to it was the fact that most Nintendocore artists don’t collaborate face to face, but do so through networking, which overcomes obstacles like distance.  They generally use video game themes to base their music around, such as Pokémon, Zelda, etc.


Ryan Taylor (in interview below) is working on an album based around all the Pokémon series. He had to push the release back because a whole new set just came out, which he needs to work into the album. From what he has told me, this is a first in the genre. Check out the interview below and decide  for yourself how you feel about this nerd-culture based genre (I use nerd in a good way because at least they have a passion for something in life). Ryan will be releasing a demo soon with a deathcore spin on the style. For updates and the latest news add Pillars Of Sarnath and look up NOG Records as they are a leading label for this genre.

Interview with Ryan Taylor:

Pillars Of Saranath:



Blank Flank:

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