Trace’s: Rome NY’s Hardcore Little Secret

trace's logoFor those who don’t know about Trace’s in Rome, NY. You either A: live under a rock, or B: don’t get out and support your scene…ever. But regardless, I sat down to get the 411 with the owner and operator Phil Price to get the inside “hardcore scoop” on the readily-becoming venue with some of the best food you will find in the state; opening January 2011 with the intensions of bringing the music scene back to Rome (single handedly I might add).

“There was no outlet in Rome for original music or arts in general,” Price said. “I wanted to make this a foundation for all types of musicians to play and feel welcome. It has also helped with the growth of my business as well.”

Trace’s has food has inspirations from modern American and Korean styling; a fusion all stemming from things Price has experienced in his life. Trace’s is also a great place for family with its warm atmosphere as soon as you walk in, and with Price’s witty wife, Heather, behind the bar, it’s a combination that will make you come back over and over again.

Not being the typical bar of sorts, with the normal light beers on draft, Price and Heather realize the growth in craft beers and specialty teas. “Not many places around here serve tea,” Price said. “If they do, it’s a normal restaurant. You will get bagged hot tea or iced tea. Two different variations. But here my wife is a tea specialist. [She] runs her own blends by hand with ten different types of teas, [along with] twenty different types of herbs we use for different ailments. That’s one thing that makes us different from everybody else.

“We also specialize in craft beers from across the country. We support Ithaca brewing a lot. They are a really great brewery in the area.

“The design of the bar came from a place called Café’ Coca in Nashville. I saw a coffee bar with baristas working simultaneously with a beer system, [and] a great art scene and community. People all co-existed in a drinking and non- drinking fashion. That, to me, was pretty awesome.”

So I also asked Price for some advice he could give to bands to help generate numbers through the door, and help build a solid fan base.

“There are multiple avenues to help promote your band and your music,” Price said. “Nowadays, social media is a great tool. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Websites, Reverbnation, all these different sites. I also find hitting the streets, posting up flyers, talking to people one on one, helping the other bands and them returning the favor. Those are the strongest tools you have as a musician to promote yourself. Besides just performing in general, the more you perform the more people you will see and touch. How I promote the shows here at my bar is I personally tell people. I can reach more individuals [that way] than most people can in a week’s time. I also put it on the local licks on 96.9 radio station. It’s free and a great outlet.”

Some of the highlights they have seen are The Animal in Me in October, and one of their first metal shows with Ligeia.

Price and Heather’s biggest goals as far as the venue goes are to revitalize the scene in Rome, to stay connected and as Trace’s would say “get you some.”

For booking inquires, Price advised they get in contact with The Addendum Promotions via Facebook, or call the bar at 315-533-6214 and Heather or himself will direct them to the proper promoter.

Look them up on Facebook for a full menu, takeout orders and show inquires.

-Fred Marriott

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