Who Killed (or Saved!) the Music Industry?  That’s the big question that industry insiders, fans and musicians have debated endlessly over the last several years.  It’s also the title of a new documentary from musicians Adam Russell (Story of the Year, D.R.U.G.S.) and Ryan Phillips (Story of the Year, Greek Fire) who recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the film, which will explore the evolution of the music business over the last decade with interviews from musicians, producers, managers, record labels and more.

Visit now to pledge funds for the completion of “Who Killed (or Saved!) the Music Industry?”.  Supporters will have the choice of a variety of pledge packages ranging from digital copies and posters to live web chats, private screenings and more.

“This is a project that we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” says Russell.  “It’s a story that has yet to be told from this perspective.”

Having spent years in a successful band which sold hundreds of thousands of albums sold with massive hit radio singles, Russell and Phillips have personally experienced the rise and fall of a once flourishing music business.  The duo have set out to talk to people in the business about the effects of ubiquitous technologies, file sharing, social networking, current role of record labels, the life of a modern day blue collar musician and what lies ahead.

“We really wanted to take a look at how the changes of the past decade or so have affected people in the industry – the artists, producers, engineers, label employees, managers, etc.,” explains Phillips.  “This is not about corporations or the faceless entities that the public often perceives the music business to be. This is about the creative, passionate people, both on stage and behind the scenes, that make their living in this industry.”

Already in the works, Russell and Phillips have spoken to members from All Time Low, Deftones, The Used, Yellowcard, P.O.D., Myles Kennedy (Altar Bridge, Slash), Breathe Carolina, We The Kings, Four Year Strong, Anti-Flag and Dead Sara to name a few and are expected to interview many more in the coming months.

“We’ve only just begun filming, and already we’ve had amazing and compelling interviews with a number of bands and artists of significant notoriety,” says Phillips.  “We have only scratched the surface in regards to our list of individuals we wish to include in this film.”

“In a time of great uncertainty and hardship, we are taking a chance, betting on ourselves and putting all of our energy into something positive,” adds Russell.  “This is a film that we believe is relevant not only to music fans, but also to art, culture, and society in general. We are not asking for donations, and this is not a charity. We are looking for micro investment in a project that will have cultural impact. With your contributions not only are you supporting the arts and two passionate and creative individuals, you will also get some pretty awesome rewards and prizes; not to mention the satisfaction of being part of something rad.”

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