Timbre Coup ends February residency at Jillian’s of Albany

All good things must come to an end but all great things deserve an encore. Thursday night, Timbre Coup’s February residency at Jillians of Albany came to an end with their most powerful performance of the month, reeling in dozens of new fans to their rock/techno fusion. The crowd danced and writhed to the jams that developed from songs both new and old, leaving no doubt to the legacy the band is creating through their shows in the Capital District. Guitarist/bassist Dan Gerken said “The residency showed me that not only does acoustic Timbre Coup work, it was one of our strongest sets! You will be seeing more of this completely organic sound of ours very soon. We were happy to be able to experiment with the 4 show run we had.”

timbre coup residencyFor their CD release party ‘Knuckles and Valleys’, the show featured a tracks including March, June, October and a stellar rendition of July to close the show. A sandwich of Arnold Schwarzenegger->Give it to me baby (Rick James)->Arnold Schwarzenegger was unexpected but they nailed it and an appreciative crowd asked for more. Jams out of Watching You and Radio were met with a packed dance floor for both young and old in attendance. This could wind up being a yearly or possibly bi-annual residency and would continue to foster the positive response the band had received in the past two years.

Timbre Coup heads to Syracuse next to play the Westcott Theater on Saturday March 10th with Dirty Paris and Higher Organix, bringing the best of Albany to the Salt City. Dirty Paris and Timbre Coup return the next weekend to co-headline St. Patrick’s Day at Red Square in Albany making for a great Saturday night and continuing their notably worthy presence in their hometown of Albany.

Check out pictures from Mike Wren here 

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