Gorse and Matt of YOUNG ENGLISH discuss love of boobs, and influences

Young English is one of my favorite bands to come out of Orange County, NY in a long time. In a short time together, they’ve signed to Panic Records, released an excellent EP titled “I Hate My Friends”, have played a ton of shows and have a split coming out soon with Pentimento. I caught up with a visibly intoxicated Gorse and not visibly intoxicated Matt outside a show they didn’t play due to plane delays and we discussed influences, plans, boobs and video games on a stone wall in the ghetto.

Brian: Tell me who you are and what you play.
Gorse: We’re Young English, and we play music. (bearded guy 20 feet away laughs)
Brian: Well, that’s painfully obvious! Now tell me your name and what instrument you play.
Gorse: I’m Gorse, I play bass. And this is Matt.
Matt: I play guitar.
Brian: What made you choose the name Young English?
Gorse: We like a band called the Promise Ring. And they have a song called something about Denver.
Matt:(laughing) whattt?
(Gorse was referring to the song “Everywhere In Denver”)
Brian: Who do you consider your primary influences?
Gorse: Hot Rod Circuit, Saves the Day, Get Up Kids. Shit like that. Old school emo.
Brian: I find I hate my friends to be a very honest album. What were your inspirations in the songwriting lyrically?
Gorse: That can be last question.
Brian: (Laughing) Alright, mulligan on that.
Brian: You guys are releasing a split with Pentimento. How did that come about?
Gorse: We were big fans of Pentimento, actually. Because we liked Panic Records and we followed their shit.
Matt: We wanted to do a split with them before we even got signed.
Gorse: They emailed us and were like “We should do a split together, and you guys should sign to Panic.” We were like ‘We’ll do a split first, then we’ll figure the rest out.’ and the rest is history.
Brian: It actually ended up going in the opposite order though.
Gorse: Yeah.
Matt: It turned out pretty well!
Brian: Yes it did.
Brian: You’re just about to start an 8 date tour with The Hotel Year on the 12th. What albums are a must have for you in the van on tour?
Gorse: Balance and Composure. Pentimento – Wrecked.
Matt: Yeah, I dig that.
Gorse: Seahaven – Winter Forever
Matt: The Hotel Year album.
Gorse: Yeah dude, the Hotel Year. Their album is sick.
Matt: It’s solid, you should check it out definitely.
Gorse: ….how many do we have to do?
Brian: I was ready to stop a while ago, actually. (everyone laughs)
Matt: I could go on forever, I love so much stuff that’s come out recently.
Brian: You guys are from Orange County, NY. What do you consider the advantages and disadvantages of being from here?
Gorse: Too many bands…
Matt: An advantage though is we’re close enough to NYC that we can be called a city band, but we’re not a city band. Everyone just assumes you’re from the city.
Gorse: Then people say “oh you’re from upstate New York?” No we’re from fucking like 30 minutes from the city. But we’re not upstate.
Brian: Yeah, because there’s like 7 more car travel hours north in New York.
Matt: That’s another advantage is that within 7 hours in any direction you have Philly, Boston. Being from the tri state area is definitely a plus.
Brian: So, after the tour and the split, what’s next?
Gorse: A full length. In our minds we started writing it. We have some ideas. We got a few songs going.
Matt: it’ll be a while.
Gorse: No, it’ll definitely be a minute. But, we’re already working on it.
Brian: What’s your favorite video game lately?
Gorse: Goldeneye.
Matt: Modern Warfare 3.
Brian: Is there anything you want me to mention besides the album, the split and the tour?
Gorse: We like boobs.
Matt: Don’t throw that in!
Brian: Don’t throw that in?
Matt We definitely want to promote the split…
Gorse: Definitely mention I like boobs.
Brian: But see, that kind of makes it look like Matt doesn’t.
Matt: No, I do.
Brian: This seems like a good place to wrap this up.
Gorse: Thanks for doing this.
Brian: Thank you, you guys kick ass.
Be sure to check out Young English on tour!
1/12 Cambridge, MA        All Asia Cafe
1/13 Danbury, Ct          Heirloom Art Theater
1/14 Brooklyn,NY          Acheron
1/15 Rockville Centre,NY  Vibe Lounge
1/16 York Haven, Pa       Boondocks Club
1/19 Ashtabula, Oh        West End 2153
1/20 Buffalo, NY          Club Diablo
1/21 Binghamton, NY       American Legion 1254
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For more information on Young English:
-Brian Lawrence

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