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Chris Capaci

Chris Capaci is a live music photographer as a main focus, but spends time shooting cocktails, events, head shots, portraits, and just about anything else he can find time to frame up. He is also an award winning film director and cinematographer, and just a few years ago founded the Jersey City based multi-media production company Capacity Images. Chris was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, and was raised in Northwestern New Jersey before returning to the Hudson county area. He attended film school at The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles where he honed his skills behind the lens. After graduating he adapted his education to better document his life's true passion, live music. At the age of 12 he attended his first concert, Woodstock 99', and has continued to frequent live shows stretching over a wide array of genres since then. Over the last 15 years he has found a home in the Northeastern jam scene, and is continuing to build a reputation as a live music photographer in the greater New York area.