Nai’a Releases Vulnerable and Passionate “Newman Beauty” Single 

Manhattan’s Nai’a has just released a very vulnerable and passionate single titled “Newman Beauty,” on February 16th. This heartfelt single is part of Nai’a’s craft; with head turning, shocking visuals, and raw, emotional compositions, Nai’a isn’t just making music, but art. 

Being a pensive and exploring artist in the space of adventures circling through his life, Nai’a’s creative mind comes to life as he creates music. By intertwining the melodies and wordplays appealingly, he knits his song flawlessly.  

There’s a dichotomy of thoughts and escapades he powders his songs with. Nai’a meanders by his beliefs finding the meaning of life through the songs that he writes. “Newman Beauty”, Nai’a’s latest record, is an intimate closure of thoughts with simply him and a guitar. The yearning guitar riffs & his voice overflowing with a thousand stories culminate into an emotionally strong tune.  

“I was in love, now you’re just a memory”

– Nai’a 

The song acts as a journal of his emotional journey when dreaming to be in love. His encumbered voice carries the weight of ardor. The single is a straightforward, easy, unadorned yet brilliantly crafted song that Nai’a has released. 

While talking about the song Nai’a stated, “Writing Newman Beauty has been the biggest risk I’ve taken as a songwriter. I had to tell my story in the most honest way, with no sugar coating,” and he’s given it justice by keeping both his lyricism and the music minimal and honest.  

The song feels like he’s floating on a sea of vulnerability, as he sings the words. He paints the picture of him longing for something that isn’t his.  

The ambiguity of his mind preoccupies the thoughts that flow, as he communicates through the music. It’s like Nai’a is fixated on a person he can’t let go of, from a place of love and affection. You can hear the tenderness and pain along his dreamy melodies. “Newman Beauty” is a way of healing himself. 

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To listen to “Newman Beauty,” click the link here

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