Taylor Crawford Releases New Avant-Pop Single “Heartbreak Hotel” 

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Taylor Crawford has just released his newest avant-pop single “Heartbreak Hotel” on March 10th. He will also be playing live again on March 28th at Arlene’s Grocery, alongside owynnmusic

With his musical influences as infamous artists like Barry White, Dua Lipa, Remi Wolf, Madison Cunningham, Ichiko Aoba, and many more, Taylor is certainly making his way into popularity within NYC culture. Using a combination of upbeat melody and his unique vocals, Taylor came up with his newest single “Heartbreak Hotel,” a reflection of his trip to Germany where he may have caused a relationship to split unknowingly.

When asking Taylor what inspire him to write this piece, he responded with, “”Heartbreak Hotel” is actually named after a bar in Bremen, Germany literally called Heartbreak Hotel. I do not play the good guy in this story. I met a delightful lady while I was visiting my friend in Germany. One night we all went out together to this bar, one thing led to another, then she and I spent the evening together. This would have been a happy ending, however, she had a partner at the time. I hurt not only this partner of hers whom I never met, and worst of all, I ruined their relationship. The song is my reflection on the pain that I caused to these people.” 

Speaking about his profound influence on his own musical journey, Taylor stated, “I initially played trombone and bassoon when I was in 4th Grade. So I was about 10 years old. Then when I got to high school, I honestly did not know who I needed to talk to so I could continue playing in the band. So I stopped with the big band instruments. I started teaching myself guitar when I was around 13 years old. I remember sitting in my brother’s bedroom where we had the family computer. I would look up Coheed and Cambria songs on “Ultimate-guitar.com” and learn the tabs to songs like “Welcome Home,” and “The Suffering.” These were the first songs I was learning and their prog-rock. It’s hilarious to think about considering the music I make now. My brother was getting guitar lessons at the time and I think my mom just did not want to pay for a whole other lesson, which makes sense because they were expensive, but I taught myself everything I know because of that.” 

Then I basically wanted to become the next John Mayer. I learned ALL of his songs. And they were the only things I could play for about 4 years. I pigeon-holed myself until I got to college where my roommate taught me the pentatonic scale and it completely changed my perspective on music as a whole. Since then, my understanding and love for music has been nothing but exponential.

– Taylor Crawford

Taylor Crawford is an incredible musician, artist, and person, he deserves the hype that he gets from his music. His use of vocals is dreamy, making his overall sound so unique and invigorating. Lastly, when asked about the best performance of his career, Taylor says, “I hope the best has yet to come. But, for now I would say the Sofar Sounds show I did in Madrid, Spain this past December. It was just an acoustic show but the reaction I got from the audience was surreal. I’ve never made people cry before and to have that happen means I really touched them emotionally – which is what I aim to do as an artist. I connected with people, and they connected with me. To me, that means I gave a good performance. I hope to continue to do the same as the shows keep coming.” 

Listen to “Heartbreak Hotel” by Taylor Crawford by clicking the link here.

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