Hudson Valley Native Soul Blind Releases New Single “Feel It All Around”

Local to the Hudson Valley, Soul Blind released their newest alternative single “Feel It All Around” on November 11th. “Stuck In A Loop” leans into the band’s ‘90s alternative influences, flowing through rich guitar tones into an intoxicating breakdown.

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As you listen through tracks like “Ain’t Hard To Tell” and “System (Failing),” it’s easy to see the juxtaposition of the environment the band grew up in bleeding into how they approach music. The songs serve as a pair centered around people sucking the life out of you, as “Ain’t Hard To Tell” takes the viewpoint of watching a person change into someone unlikable, “System (Failing)” finds one progressing past the relationship.  

The band explains how inner struggles serve as a recurring theme throughout the album, this particular track feeds into the paranoia of the mind. “Imagine the visual of being stuck in a loop inside one’s thoughts due to a mental lapse onset by a drug induced night, and not knowing how to escape” vocalist Cen comments on the song’s lyrical content. “The ‘view’ is this other, brighter side that you can put yourself in, but the ‘glue’ has you stuck in a loop until you can get yourself out.” 

Soul Blind is Cen (vocals/bass), Justin Sarica (guitar), Finn Lovell (guitar), and Steve Hurley (drums).

Much of Feel It All Around was written in Soul Blind’s hometown of Hudson Valley, NY, which the band describes as “a place of beauty within hopelessness of its people, where you find the richness between the despair.” 

Alternative rock band Soul Blind pushes the boundaries of their genre with a rich collage of sounds and emotionally charged lyrics. Formed back in 2018, the band hit their stride in 2021 with the release of their critically acclaimed Third Chain EP. They have been praised for lush, distorted riffs and divine, whirling vocals, the band build on those elements on their upcoming full-length album, Feel It All Around.

To listen to Soul Blind releases and Feel It All Around, click the link here.

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