Sea Glass Release Benét Collab “(I have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One”

Project of New York-based producer Jake Muskat, Sea Glass is back in collaboration with a euphoric artist named Benét. Their dreamy new single  “(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One” has just dropped on all platforms. Sea Glass has been praised by the likes of Indie Shuffle, Wonderland Magazine, WFUV, Record of the Day, Variance Magazine, The Wild Honey Pie among others, garnering over 250k streams on his last EP alone.

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Inspired to release music after the birth of his first child, Sea Glass’s music taps into universal emotions around growing up and dreaming. His sound invokes yearning, hope and nostalgia filtered through a positive lens. 

Coming back into the alternative/indie scene with his new single “(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One” in collaboration with euphoric artist Benét, the duo unite ethereal melodies and flowing narratives into a sound of their own. Finding its origins on a simple, classical guitar, this new single was written the week Sea Glass’s son was born as a lullaby.  

He shares, “I liked the idea so much I decided to record it, but wanted to make it fit my production style. As I worked on it, I was more excited by its progress than anything else at the time. It took me 6 months of searching for a good top line when Benét offered to write on it. Their playful melody and lyrics just smashed the demo death loop I was in into smithereens. It came together very quickly from there. I had my close friend Jared Saltiel add live drums and the whole thing gelled together perfectly.” 

Written during Sea Glass’s last few months in Brooklyn as he prepared to depart the city, he states, “My son was just born and I was both thrilled to have this new love in our family but also overwhelmed with the added pressure that the responsibility brought. The music was a sort of escape from the moment, an idealized version of how I hoped things would go. It was written in the summer and there are definitely island vibes to the sounds, but the escapism I’m exploring in the music also makes this song relevant for any time of year.” 

To listen to Sea Glass’s newest song “(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One,” click here.

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