Green-Wood Cemetery Series Of Summer Concerts Announced

The Green-Wood Cemetery series of concerts in Brooklyn will feature boundary-breaking performers in its historic catacombs from July through September. This season features performances with violinist/violist and interdisciplinary performing artist eddy kwon, multi-instrumentalist and composer Zeena Parkins, and free jazz legend William Parker.

The Green Wood Cemetery

Established in 1838, The Green-Wood Cemetery is recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful cemeteries. As an affordable alternative to traditional burial spaces, the Catacombs are rarely open to the public. At the same time, Green-Wood is also an outdoor museum, an arboretum, and a repository of history. Throughout the year, it offers innovative programs in arts and culture, nature and the environment, education, workforce development, restoration, and research.

eddy kwon – July 6th and July 7th

eddy kwon will display their unique brand of interdisciplinary performance art, which explores transformation and transgression, ritual practices and mythology. Their art is inspired by American experimentalism, as shaped by the Associate for the Advancement of Creative Musicians as well as Korean folk timbres and inflections, textures, and movements from natural environments.

eddy kwon

Zeena Parkins – August 10th and August 11th

Zeena Parkins will bring their pioneering electro-acoustic style to the Catacombs. Parkins has designed a series of one-of-a-kind electric instruments and is also a master of modern harp practice.

Zeena Parkins

William Parker – September 21st and September 22nd

The New York City native William Parker will perform with his blistering improvisational bass. He has had a prolific career, released over 150 albums, published six books, and influenced countless students, musicians and artists over his decades long career.

William Parker by Peter Gannushkin

Because the Catacombs are deep in the Cemetery, attendees will be transported to and from the Catacombs from Green-Wood’s Main Entrance (25th street and Fifth Avenue) via trolley. There will be two performances each night, at 6:30 and 8pm.

Tickets start at $40, and are $35 for Green-Wood members. Attendees must wear a face covering at all times on the trolley and in the Catacombs. Doors close 30-minutes after the time on their ticket.

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