Morningsiders Release Their Newest Album “I’ve Got A Song”

New York City folk-pop trio, Morningsiders, release their newest album, I’ve Got A Song on June 17. Known for their unique style of indie music, this album encompasses a set of their latest quirky tunes. Their sound is often described as music that bridges the gap between virtuosic, intimate live moments and gorgeously atmospheric studio-produced pop. 

The Morningsiders are NYC-based, having met and formed at Columbia University. The band is comprised of Magnus Ferguson (vocals/guitar), Reid Jenkins (fiddle/vocals), and Robert Frech (piano). 

The band has evolved from an Americana-collective into today’s guitar-fiddle-piano trio more focused on song craft and production. Originally, the band was comprised of rotating members and improvisatory performances. 

Morningsiders had first made a name for themselves on a national level when their song “Empress” went viral, topping Spotify’s Viral 50 in 2015. Shortly after, they ended but being featured in a Starbucks commercial featuring Oprah Winfrey. “Empress” now has over 44 million streams on Spotify to this day.  

Songs like “Hang the Cedar” and “Bowery Ballroom” have an emotional yet upbeat melody, with pop-punk highlights. The lyrics are heartfelt and gentle, making us reminisce about a past or current relationship.  

This album has quite a few gentle melodies, “This Could Be Good” has a beautiful guitar riff with motivating yet gentle lyrics. Yet, “Four Faced Liar” pokes at our heartstrings with a beautiful symphony and chorus.

Currently, the trio are set to expand their popularity using their quirky sonic maneuvering, while still retaining the moments of brilliant musicianship. I’ve Got A Song encompasses this new style overall, making it an easy hit. 

Overall, “I’ve Got A Song” encompasses a gentle yet pop-punk side to the Morningsiders. They have evolved from an Americana-collective into today’s incredible guitar-fiddle-piano trio, you won’t want to miss out on this new album. 

To download I’ve Got A Song, click the link here and watch “Hang The Cedar” below.

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