Pop Punk Duo poptropicaslutz! Release Debut EP

Long Island-based emo-pop duo poptropicaslutz! released their debut EP, just in case the world ends on May 6.

poptropicaslutz formed during the pandemic. Credit Eli Rae.

Composed of Nick Crawford and Christian Cicillia, the group’s seven-track project explores their inspiration with a no holds barred approach to making music.

Just In Case The World Ends is a project that started during the global pandemic, as poptropicaslutz! was forming, and the “end of the world” didn’t seem so farfetched,” the duo explained. “We thought about what album we’d make if it was our last chance to make one.”

The cover art for the debut EP, “just in case the world ends”, from poptropicasltuz!

The EP is released under Epitaph Records and is mixed by Matt Malpass, who previously worked with Blink 182 and MGK.

Most of the songs on just in case the world ends have a traditional pop punk song structure and content—self-aware lyrics and romantic themes. But poptropicaslutz! modernizes them with sparkly synths in their production. The combination of which makes for a fresh take on the hyper-punk genre.

poptropicaslutz! also released a music video for their lead track “this might be our last december” featuring Canadian artist 8485. According to the duo, this collaboration is the embodiment of the intersection of pop-punk and hyper-pop that they’re known for.

Throughout the EP the Gen Z duo showcase their interests in experimentation. Particularly with the track “lackluster at best, masterpiece at worst” which features an acoustic guitar as opposed to their usual hard hitting electric guitars of pop punk.

On “hysteria is impossible without an audience” they offer up some classic emo music before closing out the track with some impassioned screamo.

just in case the world ends is accompanied by a series of animated music videos from Rob Fidel. The 3-part cartoon series follows the mishaps of a group of evil genius pigs with mohawks who desperately search for a way to fly.

just in case the tour never ends PT. 1

May 14 – Columbus, OH – Big Room Bar

May 15 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen

May 17 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere – Zone One

May 18 – Boston, MA – Middle East – Upstairs

June 4 – Washington D.C. – Songbyrd

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