Ariel Arbisser Wants to See Red In New Single ‘Bloodshed’

Ithaca-based singer Ariel Arbisser embraces the darkness within with her new single ‘Bloodshed’. This is her first release since her 2021 album, Risk of Love.

The powerful songstress uses the new single as a vehicle to express her personal struggles. We’ve all had moments where we struggle not to become whatever we’re fighting against, whether those issues stem from trauma, frustration or injustice, but while listening to ‘Bloodshed’, listeners can take a moment to stop fighting and give in, if only for a few minutes.  

“It feels valid and warranted, It’s the side we try to hide and keep tamed that comes out to fight when we’re at our limit. “

Ariel Arbisser

The multi-talented singer has delved into many sections of the art world including musicals like “Rent”, “Little Women” and “Candide”, as well as plays like “Museum” and “The Maid”. Arbisser also wrote, produced and starred in the original web series “Sex, Drugs, A Cappella”. 

In addition to starring in theater productions, Arbisser has also traveled around the US teaching her “Sing It Like You Mean It” module, along with other workshops. The module employs tools from the Meisner Technique to help singers become more comfortable and connected during their performances.

PC : Drew Bordeaux

Since 2018, Arbisser has been working on her personal music while helping those around the country learn new performance techniques and ideologies. In 2021, she returned to Ithaca to finalize and release her debut album, Risk of Love, after previously singing with groups like The Funx and Frisky Business.

Ariel Arbisser