Brooklyn-Based Artist Max ZT Releases Inspiring Single “Daybreak”

Brooklyn-based artist Max ZT shared his new performance video for his single “Daybreak,” off of his solo debut album Daybreak, released on April 8.

Max ZT

Daybreak traces its roots to the darkest darks of the pandemic, with all the lockdowns. Max turned to music for healing and restoration at a time when society’s future was uncertain. He would send recorded improvisations to friends and family, who found them to be extraordinary sources of solace and relief.

The reaction was shocking. I know music has always been a balm for me, but to see the effect it had on others, on such a direct, one-to-one level, was honestly incredible.

Max ZT

NPR has described him as the “Jimi Hendrix of dulcimer.” He has scored an Emmy-winning ESPN documentary, co-wrote the music for his wife Priya Darshini’s GRAMMY-nominated debut Periphery, and shared the stage with the likes of Ravi Shankar and more.

His first lead single “In It” shows his unique ability to invite deep thought through his music as the track goes through different emotions to get to a resolution. The new single “Daybreak” is beautiful and heartbreaking as it takes you on a journey through deep melodies and strong conclusions.

Max ZT’s new album Daybreak will be out on April 8 and will be available on all streaming services.

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