UPS to sponsor WEEN ‘Are you Down with the Brown?’ Tour

Later this year, Ween will head out on the road with a tour sponsored by the Brownest Brand around, UPS. The “Are You Down with the Brown?” Tour will see Ween heading from show to show in a fleet of iconic UPS delivery vans, which will be painted powder blue during the tour. 

“We partnered with UPS in part for their professionalism and their overall commitment to deliver your packages, even if the weather is cold and wet,” said an enthusiastic Gene Ween. 

UPS will serve as the delivery vehicle of choice when you need someone to carry that velvet sack full of pretty colored marbles to your Voodoo Lady. The tour will also guarantee that delivery of all roses will be free.

UPS drivers are excited about the collaboration. “We’re in the mood to move and do our thang,” said Big Jilm. ““People keep telling us to SLOW DOWN BOY, but we’re got packages to deliver!”

“I’ve been with Brown since the 90’s” said Fat Lenny, a UPS regional manager. “Frank over here, he and I will be your Johnny on the Spot this jawn.”

A special bonus feature of the UPS/Ween tour is in person delivery of packages by a member of Ween. This offer is only available for those living on Buckingham Green, Alcan Road, Up On the Hill or Joppa Road, and residents of Chocolate Town, Basom and Israel.

Ween “Are you Down with Brown?” Tour Dates will be announced on April 31st, 2022.