Gooseberry Releases Melancholic Yet Electrifying Single: “Sleep”

Gooseberry show a ton of promise. The four-piece band met through the Brooklyn music scene and consists of Asa Daniels on guitar and vocals, Evin Rossington on drums, Sam Rappaport on keys and vocals, and Will Hammond on bass.

The band has played in classic venues across the city like The Bowery Electric and The Knitting Factory. They have also written and released several singles since they were formed in 2019. The synthesis of these factors have allowed Gooseberry to develop a definitive sound and a deep sense of confidence in their delivery.

This confidence reigns through on their newest indie release, “Sleep,” which highlights their potential. Much like “Come A Little Closer” from Cage The Elephant, the track has a soulful body over which a whimsical battle between melancholic vocals and electrifyingly chaotic breakdowns occurs. The sum of these genre-bending characteristics all equates to an indie culmination of sonic mastery.

The band blends and switches between sounds with such grace, you would think the four had been playing together for years. However, quite the opposite reigns true. Although the band has only been together for two and half years, they play like they have a decade under their belt. With that being said, “Sleep” is sure to become an underground indie classic and a staple piece in the band’s discography.

In association with the single’s release, the band has announced the release date for their debut EP, Broken Dance, which is set to release May 6th. So long as the contents on the EP are a fraction of what the band displayed on “Sleep,” it is sure to be a banger.

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