Sam Kogon Releases Music Video for “Barbed Wire”

Singer-songwriter Sam Kogon released a music video for his single “Barbed Wire” today. The track is the first single from his upcoming EP “Sam Kogon” releasing on April 1.

The music video for “Barbed Wire” was shot in Kingston at Kogon’s family’s pawn shop, “Sam’s Swap Shot.” In the video, a middle-aged man see’s a guitar on sale at the pawn shop that reminds him of fond memories from his youth. The video then alternates between a current and past timeline as the guitar causes the main character to reminisce.

My grandpa Lonnie gave me my first guitar from the store, so naturally I wanted the story to focus around a guitar, in this case it’s a 1963 Danelectro Convertible that came from Sam’s. The guitar represents lost love, regret, but also a fresh start.

Sam Kogon

Director Jeff Mertz said the decision to shoot in Kogon’s pawn shop was intentional and part of the narrative he wanted to tell with “Barbed Wire”.

The shop itself was also charged with nostalgia,” Mertz said. “So the story kind of naturally evolved into being about an older Sam Kogon (played by Lou, Sam’s dad) who’s reflecting on missed opportunities and regret, but is ultimately given a second chance, which he proudly takes.”

To add another personal touch to the video Kogon’s father plays the music video’s main character. Who is supposed to be a semi-fictional version of Kogon (the songwriter) himself.

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