Bardavon Presents Announces Black History Month Events

In honor of Black History Month, Bardavon Presents in Poughkeepsie has announced several events. Two of these events are announced as a way to educate and promote conversation surrounding race for kids and teens K-12, with other events celebrating Black history also scheduled.

The first of these events is Virtual Step Afrika! The event is a 5-part series designed to educate the youth on stepping and its history. Stepping is a form of dancing that originated in African American colleges in the early 20th century. Steppers use their bodies as an instrument and often follow polyrhythmic time signatures. By doing so, the dance form created a way for people to musically express themselves through their bodies. Schools and teachers can register for Virtual Step Afrika! from now until Friday, February 18th.

Step Afrika!

Bardavon Presents will also host Virtual Rhapsody in Black. The event is a one-man show written and performed by LeLand Gantt and developed at NYC’s Actors Studio by Estelle Parsons. The show follows Gantt’s personal journey to understand and eventually transcend racism in America. Teachers It seeks to stimulate deep and uncomfortable, yet necessary conversations about race. A free stream of the performance will be available starting Monday, February 7th til Friday, February 18th.

Rhapsody in Black

On Friday, February 25th, a dual screening of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, will be shown at both the Bardavon and Ulster Performing Arts Center. The classic 1989 film featuring Spike Lee, Martin Lawrence, Samuel L. Jackson, and Giancarlo Esposito, explores the racial tension in a Brooklyn neighborhood between African Americans and Italian-Americans. The movie has received unanimous positive reception in the way that it explores its themes, so much so that it has been admitted to the National Film Registry. Tickets for the screening start at just $6.

Do the Right Thing

On February 18th at 8 PM, BardavonPresents will host a free stream on their YouTube page. This stream will be a part of their HVP: Behind the Music series. The episode will focus on the Hudson Valley Philharmonic’s March 5th concert, which shines a spotlight on female composers. Notably, Composer Nkeiru Okoye will discuss her piece “Songs of Harriet Tubman,” dedicated to the abolitionist woman who helped free an estimated 70 slaves. The steam will also explore the broader title theme, Underground Figures. More information is available here.

Nkeiru Okoye
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