Brooklyn Band Le big Zero announces April release of new album, “A Proper Mess”

Brooklyn based rock band Le Big Zero announced the release of their second album, A Proper Mess, on April 8. 

As part of the announcement, Le Big Zero released their first single and music video from the album, “Horror Movie Pie Fight.” According to a press release from the band’s label, Know Hope Records, the upcoming album, and newly released single, are “exploration[s] of monotony and anxiety in the modern age.”

Le Big Zero’s band members include guitarist and vocalist, Michael Pasuit (center),vocalist Carolina Aguilar (far right), bassist Ben Ross (right) and drummer Lukas Hirsch (left).

To put together their new single,”Horror Movie Pie Fight”, lead vocalists Michael Pasuit and Carolina Aguilar took on a novel approach to recording this particular song: they never harmonized. Meaning they don’t sing in the same octave and instead let their voices exist side by side to one another on the track. 

Unique to the song is that Carolina and I don’t harmonize. It’s the only song that’s sung in parallel octaves instead…When we didn’t come upon a decent harmony for HMPF, (Horror Movie Pie Fight) we decided to go that route as an experiment, and we really liked the result.

Michael Pasuit, vocalist and guitarist

The song tells the story of an individual that writes a horror movie only to lose creative control over the project after a studio buys the movie rights. Despite addressing concerns that may be widespread and frighteningly possible for artists, “Horror Movie Pie Fight” has an absurdist tone that makes the song palatable while still being thought provoking. 

Le Big Zero released their first studio album, Ollie Oxen Free, in 2019. A Proper Mess will be available on all streaming platforms.

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