Pink Talking Fish To Present ‘Planetarium’ at The Capitol Theatre on June 11

Pink Talking Fish are at last returning to The Capitol Theatre for another special show. After having to forget about any potential themed show plans in 2020 and 2021, the band is eager to get back to their tradition of putting on a unique performance at The Cap.

This year, Pink Talking Fish fans are gearing up for what Eric Gould (bassist) says is going to be a “multimedia voyage to outer space.” Dogs In a Pile will be kicking things off on the rescheduled date of Saturday, June 11, before Pink Talking Fish play the crowd through a visual journey to the cosmos.

Pink Talking Fish, Cohoes Music Hall, 10.22.2021

Planetarium is going to be unlike any other themed show that Pink Talking Fish has done in the past. The night won’t revolve around any specific album from Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, or Phish, but will instead focus on providing an abstract concert going experience.

If you have seen Pink Talking Fish play before, then you know just how hard their music rocks. The details of this Planetarium show remain a mystery though, just as the band intends. Pink Talking Fish fans are in for what Eric Gould knows will be a unique surprise.

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You can grab your tickets online here, and be sure to keep your eyes out for brand new merch at this show! Doors open at 6:30pm and the Planetarium show begins at 8:00pm. Pink Talking Fish will be traveling the country after the Planetarium show, and you can check out their tour dates here!

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