NYC Horror Punk outfit Cut Like This drop catchy new single “The Boogeyman”

NYC is a melting pot of musical genres, and is the breeding ground for some of the most creative acts that our country has to offer. There’s everything from horror punk, thrash, doom, stoner, and much, much more. One of those genres is called horror punk, and within that genre tag is Cut Like This, a band who have recently released a single for their incredibly catchy song, “The Boogeyman.”

Cut Like This features Rose Blood on vocals, guitarist Thorn Black, and Corey Carver on bass guitar; together they take influence from artists like Wednesday 13, Shulla, Phantasmagoria, In This Moment, Dir En Grey, Korn, Nothingface, Jack Off Jill, and many more.  

When asked about this new song, Rose Blood says:

The Boogeyman” was really fun to write and we tried a lot of new things with this track, including adding synths to it, as well as collaborating with our friend Xian Murder of the Amatory Murder, who helped us record it and helped produce it. It was inspired by my real life issues with insomnia, with mythologies and films centered around the idea of the Boogeyman, especially our favorite Boogeyman of all, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm street.

Rose Blood, Cut Like This

The synth work is something that fans of their self titled first album will consider new, but their addition helps to give Cut Like This a fuller sound, and is a perfect compliment to what they are doing in “The Boogeyman.” 

Aside from the addition of synth, one of the most notable influences stems from Wednesday 13, whose work with Joey Jordison in the Murderdolls, and as a solo artist, helps to fuel “The Boogeyman;” it’s difficult to not hear that influence on the vocals and guitar riffs.

“The Boogeyman” is a cool horror punk song, and if you like the original you should also check out the remix done by Angelspit. You can find the original here, and the remix link is also available for viewing below. So get on it, and show Cut Like This some love by liking and following them on all of their social media accounts.

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