Brooklyn Prodigy Joey Badass Celebrates 27th Birthday

Happy birthday to Joey Bada$$! Born in 1995 out of Brooklyn, New York, today the East Coast rapper turns 27.

Critically regarded as one of the top lyricists in the contemporary generation, Joey Bada$$ proudly represents his home borough in his discography, going even so far to release a song parading his Brooklyn roots in “Brooklyn’s Own.”

After first gaining internet popularity in 2010, Joey’s professional rap career quickly came to nascency in 2011, where he formed the Brooklyn-based hip hop collective Pro Era. The collective consisted of rappers such as CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, and the late Capital STEEZ. A year later, Joey would go on to release his first mixtape, 1999. This project featured classics such as “Killuminati” and “Survival Tactics,” both featuring Capital STEEZ. The lyricism that Joey showcased in these two respective songs would foreshadow his future success in hip hop.

Get your intel right, your intelligence is irrelevant/But it’s definite, I spit more than speech impediments/Brooklyn’s the residence, the best and it’s evident/We got ’em n—-s P.E. nuts, like they elephants

-Joey Bada$$, Survival Tactics

After the release of his debut mixtape, Joey went on to release the Summer Knights mixtape in 2013 and two studio albums, B4.Da.$$ released in 2015 and All-Amerikkkan Badass released in 2017. He also continued closely collaborating with Pro Era and other Brooklyn hip hop collectives, Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers, and in 2019, the three respective groups came together for one album, Escape From New York, under the “supergroup” name Beast Coast.

Beast Coast

At only 27 years old, Joey Bada$$ has cemented himself as a Brooklyn legend, and according to a recent Instagram live stream, his anticipated third studio album Is expected to drop this year. In the meantime, his latest single, “THE REV3NGE”  is available on all streaming platforms.

Joey Badass