Premiere: Utican Nick Vanderwood Releases New Single “Little Vacation”

Nick Vanderwood has finally announced a music video for his single “Little Vacation,” set to premiere on January 21st. Vanderwood, who wrote the song at the onset of the pandemic, shot the video over 24 hours, documenting his own stay-cation in California.

Nick Vanderwood on the beach at sunset in a still from the “Little Vacation” music video. Photo via Nick Vanderwood.

Vanderwood and his team from MSG Productions were satisfied with the “joy and beauty” they were able to capture in the video. But not everything is sunshine and beaches. Video co-director Luke Sunderlin described the narrative challenge of making sure the video was more than just a happy montage.

“We didn’t want to have a video of Nick just frolicking in the sun,” Sunderlin said. “We wanted to tell a story. We wanted the audience to feel the way Nick was feeling.” 

Sunderlin went on to state exclusively to NYS Music: 

From the outset, the goal was to deliver a video that captures not only the sensations of a euphoric escape from everyday life, but also the simultaneously present forces of both nostalgia, and momentary bliss, that seem to paradoxically color the experience of taking a vacation. We wanted our visuals to demonstrate the ecstasy of being immediately present in these spaces, while at the same time participating in the crafting of a what-will-be memory. 

Nick Vanderwood

To create that paradox, Sunderlin said they decided to focus on Vanderwood’s journey to enter a new, beautiful space on a “Little Vacation.” The introduction of the video includes samples from candid audio recordings, which Sunderlin shared he used “to emulate the initial distress happening within our character that motivated his journey in the first place.”

Currently, Vanderwood is hard at work on his debut solo album, recording at Big Blue North Studio in Utica. Outside of his solo work, Vanderwood is also the lead singer for Trampoline Jet Stream. Vanderwood released his most recent solo piece, a cover of “Because” by the Beatles, last year. The artist said he plans to continue exploring his musical narrative through music videos, and said he will continue to work under his solo name.

You can stream “Little Vacation” above, and on all music platforms this Friday, as well as watch the official music video on his YouTube channel where Vanderwood will host a live video premiere.

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