New Single “Before You Go” from Lupopunk is Vintage Pop Punk

On Jan. 14, Long Island pop punk band, Lupopunk, released its second single, “Before You Go,” from their upcoming untitled EP.

Lupopunk’s previously released single, “Don’t Think I Forgot About You” from their upcoming EP.

On “Before You Go,” Lupopunk delivers a vintage pop punk performance, one that was frozen in ice back in 2003 and made to be thawed out under the blazing studio lights of an MTV stage. Except that MTV doesn’t play music anymore and pop punk turned out to be a fad. Which complicates the whole ordeal. How do you judge a good single from an outdated genre that barely holds any cultural bearing? Or should it not even matter because art should exist for its own sake and not to please, serve, and/or be sold to an audience?

Lupopunk’s recorded their new single “Before You Go” with John Naclerio of Nada Recordings.

If you’re a fan of pop punk Lupopunk’s new single, “Before You Go” is like a fond childhood memory that triggers a rush of emotions and a longing for a time when all the things you loved were at the center of your world. The powerful guitar riffs with the emphatic chords, the angst-ridden vocals, the drums which demand attention all combine to make for a true “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” performance.

When I first started Lupopunk it was going to be just an acoustic project…[but] I started to record that and demo it and realized that I’m going to finally do my pop punk stuff.

Matty Lupinacci, Lupopunk front man

Lupopunk’s lead vocalist, Matty Lupinacci, a long-time staple of the Long Island punk scene, will perform live for the first time in 14 years on Saturday 1/15 at the Massapequa VFW Hall.

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