Binghamton Philharmonic Honors Founding Conductor

On January 26, the Binghamton Philharmonic and AudioClassics will be honoring Fritz and Marianne Wallenberg with a presentation of historic performance recordings. Wallenberg was the founder of the orchestral group, which would eventually come to be known as the Binghamton Philharmonic.

Fritz Wallberg conducting the Binghamton Symphony and Choral Society

Originally referred to as The Community Symphony Society, and later the Binghamton Symphony and Choral Society, Wallenberg would help it grow into the renowned organization it is today. Past orchestra members and students of Wallenberg have named him as an integral part of the community and someone who has reached many people during his time as a conductor.

The twenty years of recordings were given to the Philharmonic during Summer 2020 and the organization has worked to raise funds to digitize the recordings for open access to the public. There are currently a number of recordings available on the Wallenberg Legacy youtube channel and fundraising efforts for the campaign are still underway.

Made by Marvin Fred Kelly, Jr of Custom Recording Studio, the recordings range from a Christmas performance in 1958 all the way through to 1978. The presentation will take place during a benefit at the Kilmer Mansion. Tickets, as well as more event information, are available here.

Binghamton Philharmonic Orchestra