In Focus: The Front Bottoms at Empire Live

Albany’s Empire Live was sold out on Friday, December 17 for The Front Bottoms, Opening act Sydney Sprague was accompanied by her Jazzmaster, and started the show with a solo set that highlighted her singer/songwriter style. Sprague sang a few songs from her new album maybe i will see you at the end of the world, including ‘object permanence,’ ‘quitter,’ and ‘steve.’ Check out Sydney’s site for her future tour dates.

The Front Bottoms came out to a crowd ready to sing the words to every song of the set. Their set featured a range of songs across their discography, and had fans, both new and old, shouting at the tops of their lungs. The Front Bottoms started their set with tracks off of their newest album, ‘In Sickness & In Flames’ and their EP ‘Rose’ before playing through their debut self-titled album in its entirety. The crowd’s energy continued to build throughout the night, and only accelerated as the end approached.

The Front Bottoms left the stage and the crowd began cheering for an encore just a second later. The band got back on stage a minute later to find a crowd that had been pent up a minute too long, and the show erupted to the tune of Tie Dye Dragon and Twin Size Mattress. A wave of energy left the stage and everyone from the guardrail to the bar was moving, shouting, and contributing to the chaos. Fan after fan took their turns crowd surfing as the final minutes of set stretched out and The Front Bottoms played themselves out.

The Front Bottoms are finishing the last leg of their tour, but you can keep up to date with any future show on their site, and can hear their music on YouTube.

Setlist: Leaf Pile, Vacation Town, West Virginia, Montgomery Forever, Love at First Sight, Awkward Conversations, Jim Bogart, Peach, Cough it Out, Flashlight, Maps, Looking Like You Just Woke Up, Mountain, Rhode Island, The Beers, Father, Swimming Pool, The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming. It’s Also The Reason I Started Sinking, Bathtub, Legit Tattoo Gun, Hooped Earrings
Encore: Tie Dye Dragon, Twin Size Mattress

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