Starset’s Newest Demonstration Hits The Rapids Theatre In Niagara Falls

On December 3rd, Starset, The Word Alive and Another Day Dawns came together and performed at The Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls. To say that this performance rocked would be an understatement, as each band provided a set that was not only full of pure talent but captivating as well.

A Packed Crowd at The Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls for Starset, The World Alive and Another Day Dawns. Photo by Samantha Rychlicki.

Another Day Dawns started off the night. Each song, Dakota’s vocals hit just right and really got things going with a performance filled with so much energy, their bass guitarist, Jerome Betz, jumped right into the pit.

After that, metalcore band The Word Alive was up and they brought the energy and performance from a 10 to an 11. The power behind their set caused, Tyler Smith, the lead singer, to join the crowd during the last song. Their fans were just as powerful and just had a great time.

Dakota Sean of Another Day Dawns. Photo by Samantha Rychlicki.

Finally, Starset. What they created in their set was something I have never experienced before and probably never will again. They started their performance with a curtain in front of the stage so the audience was left to guess what was going on behind it. A projection graced the curtain, depicting the band creating an army.

Once the curtain dropped, we were launched into outer space. Everything from then on was a beautiful story. This story was backed by musicality that was out of this world. It was an incredible night of music and proved to the audience that it was not just a concert, this was a demonstration.

Starset Setlist: The Breach, Where The Skies End, Infected, Carnivore, Let It Die, Trials, Manifest, Echo, Monster, Point of No Return, It Has Begun, Earthrise, Satellite, Devolution, For Whom The Bell Tolls (Originally By Metallica), Ricochet, Die For You, My Demons

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